About me

Hi. I am Albert. Here are a few facts about me:

Hobbies/Interests: I've been interested in computers in general, Linux and IT security since I was a teenager. I enjoy hacking on software. Chess is also a hobby of mine. I also spend some time on exercise/sports, meditation (mindfulness) and reading books.

Workstation: Rather simple, nothing fancy. One laptop, occasionally two displays, but in the end I find that I mostly use just one anyway.

Operating system: After over 8 years of using Gentoo (Fluxbox), I used to run Kubuntu for a while. Eventually, I returned to Gentoo, but stayed with KDE. For personal server systems, I usually choose between Debian and Alpine.

Tea or coffee? Tea, particularly greens. But I enjoy the occasional black coffee too

Professional life: Past: desktop and web development (mostly .NET languages and PHP) as well as IT administration (mixed Linux and Windows environments). Currently, it's within the context of embedded systems security. I am also studying for an M. Sc. in IT Security.


What's with the domain name? What's supposed to be "quite simple"?
I simply liked the domain name. Ultimately, it doesn't mean anything.

How to pronounce your handle, "crtxcr"?
cortexcore. As for the why and how behind the nickname... that's a story for another time...

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