About me

Hi. I am Albert. Here are a few facts about me:

Hobbies/Interests: I am interested in computers in general, Linux and IT security. I enjoy hacking on software. Chess also stayed with me over all the years, playing in real life tournaments and online. I also spend some time on exercise/sport, a bit on meditation (mindfulness) and maintain interests in a few other things such as space travel, reading books, a bit philosophy and world events.

Workstation: Nothing fancy. One laptop, occasionally two displays, but in the end I find that I mostly use just one anyway.

Operating system: After over 8 years of using Gentoo (Fluxbox), I am currently on Kubuntu for practical reasons. Servers usually run Debian and Alpine.

Tea or coffee? Tea, particularly greens. But I enjoy the occasional black coffee too

Professional life: Past: desktop and web development (mostly .NET languages and PHP) as well as IT administration (mixed Linux and Windows environments). Currently, it's within the context of embedded systems security. I am also studying for an M. Sc. in IT Security.


What's with the domain name? What's supposed to be "quite simple"?
I registered it because I found the domain name quite ;-) interesting, as it can basically mean anything. Nevertheless, part of the idea behind the name was also to serve as a "brand" of the supposed principle behind the projects here: to avoid complexity if possible and keeping it simple. However, I certainly would not make the claim that all projects here were created with that principle in mind, as some deviate from that for pragmatic reasons.

How to pronounce your handle, "crtxcr"?
cortexcore. As for the why and how behind the nickname... that's a story for another time...

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