About me

Hi. I'm Albert. This site describes my projects. It also hosts my blog, which is mainly about Linux (broadly) and security, but not necessarily exclusive to that. Professionally, I am software developer in embedded systems security context. Previously, I did desktop/web development and IT administration. In my private life, apart from hacking on software, I play chess, like to stay active and maintain an interest in meditation/mindfulness and (eastern/indian) philosophies.

(In)frequently asked questions

What's with the domain name? What's supposed to be "quite simple"?
I simply liked the domain name. Ultimately, it doesn't mean anything.

How to read/pronounce your handle, "crtxcr"?
cortexcore. As for the why and how behind it... that's a story for another time...

Tea or coffee?
Tea, particularly greens. But I enjoy the occasional black coffee too.

For contact information, see: contact.