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About me

If you put it quite simply, I am interested in everything Linux and security.

My start to programming can be traced back to the age of 10. Seeing .vbs-scripts in some book about Windows, I started playing around with MessageBoxes. I found this more exciting than it objectively was. Nevertheless, looking back, I consider this the butterfly-effect that hooked me towards the world of computers.

I started using Linux exclusively in 2006. First using Debian and various derivatives, I began learning PHP, followed by C and C++. In 2012 I switched to Gentoo and also played around by building own distros from scratch for some private systems. Nowadays however, my systems run Ubuntu, Alpine and Void as Gentoo is not practical enough for me anymore. I used to write some things in the .NET-family languages and Java, but don't necessarily use those for hobby projects.

Professional life included desktop and web (backend mostly) development as well as IT administration. Currently, it's within the context of embedded system security.

Pretending to have a life outside IT and computer science, I play chess and read.

What's with the domain name? What's supposed to be "quite simple"?
I registered it because I found the domain name quite ;-) interesting, as it can basically mean anything, yet also nothing. Nevertheless, part of the idea was also to be a "brand" of the supposed principle behind the projects here: to avoid complexity and keep it simple. However, this can be debated and it's subjective. Generally, I certainly would not make the claim for all software here now.

Overall though, it doesn't mean anything.

How to pronounce your handle, "crtxcr"?
cortexcore. As for the why and how behind the nickname... that's a story for another time...